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Mixed Media Constructions

My Mission: In these works, different lifetime artistic styles come together harmoniously. From storytelling with humor, to viewer participation and than critically looking at the human condition.


The "Everything Bagel" of the Art World!

The History behind the idea   15 gb She said There is no turning back 

Since 1990, I have been collecting Wind-UP-Toys. It is one my obsessions. They are colorful, you can hold and touch them and they move sometime in very unpredictible ways. Creating art that can be enjoyed in the same way has always been a goal of mine. Then one day, early in 2015, I was cleaning up my daughter's room and came across a magnet with a place for a photo that read, "your picture here". I did not think much of it at the time, but a few days later, it popped back in my head with a purpose. The next step, in the chain of events that let to the creation of the first "Selfie Zone"; was yet another story of someone dying accidentally, because they were trying to get that perfect Selfie! The mother in me said "Someone needs to make a safe place for these crazy people, to get that ALL IMPORTANT PERFECT SELFIE, in that safe place".

That is how I got the idea to create a Selfie Zone.

The first Selfie Zone began in 2015, in Zurich, Switzerland and was completed in October 2015. It was a huge success. We got great reviews and lot of turning the wheel to get that perfect Selfie. Thank you to all who participated.

The idea has now blossomed to... "Your Face Here." and "Your Boyfriends Face Here." Greeting cards.

Contact me to get your own "Selfie Zone".