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Smiles Wanted!Homage to Dada


Celebrating 100 years! The Dada Smile Cloud; 2 dimensional art, will be combined in a 3 dimensional way, mixed media smile collage, complete with sound. It's set out to prove...Dada Lives!


- Mini and Maxi Sneak Peeks; Talks about the project and photographing smiles, donations accepted. Including an opportunity to participate with the project in some way.

- Mega Sneak Peek; experimental performance. Keeping the Smiles boxed-in and secret, to be released on 25. January 2017 at the Unveiling. Give a donation and get a peek, see how the cloud is progressing.

- Unveiling; experimental performance, guest listed and open to the general public, upgrade your donation to the project, buy things like cards and books, selfies with the cloud and the chance to turn it.

Living in Zurich? Come to the SNEAK PEEK or organize A PRIVATE SNEAK PEEK and don't forget the UNVEILING in January.

Dates and locations you can find on Facebook.

What is DADA anyways?

Life is better because of Dada...

The original peaceful protest, Dadaism began 100 years ago, right here in Zurich, Switzerland, at Cabaret Voltaire. Protesting against the Great War and the society that created it. Most of the original Dadaists were also, refugees. Coming to neutral Switzerland (and the United States) to get away from the horrors of war...and here we are, 100 years later, with a new refugee crisis. It was first Anti War, Anti Society, then it became Anti Art and then, it went around the world. The main theme; the affect of the art that was being presented had on the viewers emotions and thoughts, was considered more important, than to make it pleasing to the eye. Chance and Chaos where the treads that pulled the moment together. Piecing together things that don’t go together normally, in a chance way or dissecting things to there smallest parts and using them separately, was another. In the end the movement left nothing untouched from art, music, poetry, theatre, dance and politics. There is a long list of artists involved in this movement, my influencers are Marcel Duchamp, Hugo Ball, Tristan Tzara, Hannah Höch, Max Ernst and Man Ray.

Dada....long live it’s influence!

Today, Dadaist techniques can be found everywhere, from collages with everyday objects, photo montages, assemblages, performance art, well, pretty much everywhere.

Using several artistic disciplines that find their roots in Dada, the installation will come to life slowly, over the next year. Through collage techniques, 2 dimensional art, will be combined in a 3 dimensional way, creating a hanging sculptural mobile, complete with a sound. We like to create works to interact with the public so, it will be possible to turn the cloud, via a hand crank or some other devise, making the smiles dance.


- Facebook: Find up-to-date information
- Dada100: Startup Funding Project (GER + ENG)

Startup Funding Campaign...is COMPLETED!

Thank you for your support.


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 Wemakeit Dada2
Movie to be found on the we-make-it Website 


Go to "We make it", a crowd funding site and find out. 

In partnership with Dada 100 

The VOTE...is DONE!

8. November 2016, Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich

Have your voice heard! Hillary or Donald?
Vote for the next US President with our special walk-in Ballot Box/SNEAK PEEK.

A MEGA SNEAK PEEK at the Dada Smile Cloud:
Smiles Wanted!Homage to Dada. 

This year the US Election process is very Dada! Day after day, always in the news. Let's pay homage to it, while we pay homage to Dada. You Vote counts! A Mega Sneak Peek Performance. November 8th, is the official US Election day. For one night only at Cabaret Voltaire, it's your chance to let your voice be heard, magically (ok, you need to Smile for my camera and there is a small fee, but otherwise it's magical) you will be transformed into an honorary US Citizen, so that you, can cast your VOTE, for the next President of the United States. Be part of this artwork as you walk-into the Sneak Peek/Ballot Box and place your vote.

At 22.00, we announced OUR winner:
It was Hillary..! 


16 sc dada press photo


Oh what a night! 25.1.2017 Cabaret Voltaire.
The Unveiling Experience of
Smiles Wanted!Homage to Dada.

A BIG Thank you for all you helpers and visitors, who braved the cold and stopped by to join in the FUN!
...Keep on Smiling!


A Celebration of Dadaism in its 100th year!

The Dada Smile Cloud; Is about you, me and them, together. Our current world and the happy responsibility of remembering history. Using several artistic disciplines that find their roots in Dada, the installation comes to life as an interactive 3 dimensional, mixed media smile collage that has something for most of your senses. It can be enjoyed as a full body experience with dancing smiles or passively like a bystander. It's up to you.

Happy Birthday, Dada, and many more... ...Dada Lives!

In art school, we learned about different art movements, Dadaism was one of them. The main Dada influencer for this project is the New York Dadaist, Marcel Duchamp. He created many peaceful protests, with wit and sarcasm about the absurdity of the society and the world, in which he lived. Now it's our turn.

Do you know that most of the original Dadaists were Refugees, escaping the Great War? History is repeating itself again and again and again... The Reboot! We could not stand by and do nothing. With the horrific stories in the news, day after day, about the plight of the refugees, it was time to do something. As of August 1, 2016, we rebooted this project. In exchange of pictures of refugee's smiles, we pledge, 50% of funds collected for this Smile Cloud Project will go to foodKIND.org, providing food and compassion to refugees and displaced people in crisis.


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It's hard to hear about the ongoing refugee crisis and the recent summer terrorist attacks, and not be affected. I am / we are all, affected. Did you know that most of the original Dadaists were also, refugees? Coming to neutral Switzerland (and the United States) to get away from the horrors of war. For me, it is time to act, to bring awareness, to come together and it's time to help. Refugees smiles from Greece, are being provided by the foodKIND charity and will be included into the Dada Smile Cloud.

The REBOOT, 50% of the sponsoring for this Dada Smile Cloud goes to the foodKIND Charity, providing food and compassion to the refugees and displaced people in crisis.

16 SC dada syrian smiles circle1

 The Smile Cloud is growing...
"One smile at a time, and One donation at a time."

 1st Edition - coming soon

Smiles Wanted!Homage to Dada,
the making of...

Smiles Wanted!Homage to Dada,
the Smiles Collection